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Home and Business Flood Grants: Are You Eligible?

20/01/2016 Swolen River Ouse flowing through York During December, storms Desmond, Eva and Frank caused widespread damage and disruption to many communities in the UK; though their impact was particularly felt in large swathes of northern England and Scotland. If you were affected by the winter floods, you may be unaware that you could be eligible for a financial grant to help repair your home or get your business back on its feet. These grants include: 

Communities and Business Recovery Scheme 

On Wednesday 9th December 2015, the Chancellor George Osbourne announced details of the Communities and Business Recovery Scheme. It is designed to offer short term financial support to help home and business owner deal with the financial impact of the flooding they have experienced. 

Households could therefore be eligible to claim up to £500 to pay for recovery costs, such as finding temporary accommodation. Businesses that have been impacted by the flooding could also be eligible to apply for a grant of up to £2,500 to cover things such as: 

  • The cleaning of equipment 
  • Ensuring the security of premises and stock 
  • Finding temporary premises
  • Getting IT and electrical equipment up and running 

This money has already been provided to local authorities by the government and many authorities are contacting residents and business owners directly to let them know they are eligible. If you think you could be eligible for a Communities and Business Recovery Grant, please contact your local authority. 

Household Flood Resilience Grants 

To help those home and business owners who have recently experienced flooding make their properties more resilient to future flooding events, the Government are also providing Household Flood Resilience Grants up to the value of £5,000. These grants go over and above the repairs which would usually be funded by insurers and can be used to fund home improvements which reduce the risk of future flooding or limit the damage where it does occur. Examples of flood resilience changes include: 

  • Raising electrical points 
  • Installing flood barriers and doors 
  • Installing flood-proof airbricks 
  • Raising boilers above flood level 
  • Replacing flooring 

If your home was flooded during the winter, we would encourage you to speak to your local authority to discover if you are eligible for a Household Flood Resilience Grant. For your convenience, those covered by Cumbria County Council, Lancashire County Council, Northumberland County Council or North Yorkshire County Council can follow those links for details of how to apply for a flood resilience grant. Contact details for other local authorities can be found by clicking here.

Farming Recovery Fund 

Many farmers in Cumbria, Northumberland, Lancashire and Yorkshire saw their agricultural land flooded during December’s floods. To help limit the impact upon their livelihoods, farmers can therefore apply for a grant of between £500 and £20,000 to aid in the restoration of agricultural land to the state it was in before flooding occurred. Applications for these grants must be made by Friday 1st April 2016 and you can find details of how to apply at the bottom of this article. 

How We Can Help 

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