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Are You Prepared for a Month’s Worth of Rain in a Single Day?

10/06/2019 Flooding, United Kingdom prepared for heavy rain

The Meteorological Office have issued Yellow and Amber Warnings for rainfall in parts of the east of England over the next couple of days. They predict some areas will experience 60-80mm of rain in 24 hours – that’s the amount that we might typically expect to fall in a month at this time of year.

Accurate Forecast

As a nation, we’ve come to expect and rely on accurate weather forecasting. To a certain extent, it assists the business model of demountable flood barriers. Once our system is installed, it can be forgotten about until there’s the threat of flooding in your local area. (You may see this on the weather forecast or sign up for text alerts to your phone – see our Resources page for more information about flood alerts). Our barriers can be quickly assembled whenever flooding is likely.

In the UK, there are over five million households in properties that are at risk from flooding. Taking action to defend your property from flooding is common sense – especially when you look at the cost of clearing up after a flood.

Why Choose Our Barrier System?

Our flood barriers are patented in 8 countries around the world and have been tested by globally renowned institutions. Our barriers have consistently demonstrated their ability to withstand floods, and even tornados and hurricanes in countries where these are a threat. The British Standards Institution has awarded our flood protection barriers their Kitemark: a symbol of quality and safety only bestowed on the very best products. We are the only barrier system that has been tested to a width of 4000 millimetres – suitable for wide garages and patio doors – our nearest rivals only managed 2400 millimetres.

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