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Air Vent Flood Covers: A Kitemark Accredited Solution

07/10/2015 Air vent cover testing There are many entry points through which flood water can enter your property. There are the obvious apertures such as doorways and windows. There are also many that you may not have considered - such as through gaps around pipework, permeable brickwork and cracks in joint sealant. As part of the Kitemark testing that was recently carried out on our flood barriers, the team at HR Wallingford tested and approved the performance of our air vent covers. 

It does not matter whether your property is fitted with traditional clay or modern plastic air bricks, at Flood Ark we can supply and install a cover to suit any opening. Our range includes both the kitemarked automatic closing SMART AirBrick’s, or alternatively we can manufacture a made-to-measure cover to suit the unique requirements of your property. These can be used for protecting: 

  • Double and triple size air bricks 
  • Boiler vents 
  • Tumble dryer vents  

It was this type of cover that we supplied and installed for Royal West Norfolk Golf Club at Brancaster in Norfolk. During the winter flooding of 2013/14, a combination of strong winds, large waves and high tides resulted in the club suffering severe flood damage. In total £1.2 million worth of damage was caused, including: 

  • £600,000 worth of lost machinery, including three tractors and half a dozen ride on mowers 
  • Damage to fencing and greens 
  • The loss of three weeks’ worth of trade due to the course being waterlogged
Exposed air vent at Brancaster golf club As part of our work to install flood defence systems at the course to avoid a repeat of this damage, we manufactured and installed a bespoke vent to protect a boiler flue outlet.

“It (the flooding) exposed a weakness in our arrangements here for the potential of flooding and we therefore had a look round to see what was out there in the market place. As a consequence we ended up drawing up a shortlist and Flood Ark were the ones that were successful. 

Quality was instrumental in us making that decision to use Flood Ark. Frankly it is one of these things we hope we never have to use, but we are confident that if we do it will do exactly what it says on the tin.” – Patric Stuart, Assistant Secretary of Royal West Norfolk Golf Club 

If you would like more information about any of our flood barriers, or would like to arrange a free survey of your property, do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on +44 (0) 1603 879977 or drop us an email to info@floodark.com.