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Weather Warnings for Rainfall in England and Wales

Flooding, United Kingdom

The whole of England and Wales (and parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland) are covered by weather warnings for rainfall over the next couple of days. Parts of the North ...

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Flood Barrier Installation Services Available During Lockdown...


The whole of the UK is in a state of lockdown to defend against the rise of new-variant Covid-19 cases. We will continue to offer our flood barrier installation services ...

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Merry Christmas from All the Team at Flood Ark


We’re not going to deny that 2020’s been a tough year. Like everyone else, we’ve faced struggles personally and as a company. We are giving ourselves and our staff ...

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Covid Update: Booking Installations from January 2021

Well, the second national lockdown has come to an end, but vast swathes of the UK still find themselves under pretty severe restrictions. The safety of our staff and cust...

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Our Flood Barriers in Action

With all the recent poor weather, and more forecast, we can be pretty sure that autumn has arrived! Owners of Flood Ark systems up and down the country will have been kee...

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Flood Strategy at Odds with Building Programme

Last month, the government published their Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Policy. The strategy sets out how the government will spend the £5.2 billion over 7 ...