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Northern Ireland floods rainclouds Read Blog Post

Homes and Businesses Flooded in Northern Ireland

Flooding, Events, United Kingdom

Summer 2018 will be chiefly remembered in the British Isles for its record-breaking heatwave. However, in a brief hiatus last weekend there were some spectacular storms ...

bifold doors yeovil Read Blog Post

Flood Protection for Bifold Doors in Yeovil

Flooding, Case Study

Sometimes we work on an installation that, to the casual observer, may look like the last property that you would expect to need Flood Barriers. This property near Yeovil...

Tunbridge Wells floods Read Blog Post

Fool Me Twice: Tunbridge Wells Floods for Second Year Running...

Flooding, Events, United Kingdom

Lower Walk is in The Pantiles district of Tunbridge Wells. It's an attractive tiled street of charming shops and tea rooms. The oldest part of the borough, The Pantiles h...

Storm Hector Read Blog Post

Storm Hector: Coastal Flooding in the UK and Ireland

United Kingdom, Flooding

The convention in the UK and Ireland is to name storms if the weather offices think they pose a danger to life or property. Most of our named storms come over the winter ...

Summer stormclouds Read Blog Post

Widespread Flash Floods Cause Devastation in West Midlands

Flooding, Flood Resilience

As we warned in last week’s blog, summer creates the perfect conditions for flash flooding. The events of the bank holiday showed exactly what happens when a torrential...

Flash Flood Barrier Read Blog Post

Comprehensively Tested Flash Flood Barrier


In addition to providing defence from coastal and river flooding, our barrier systems work as effective flash flood barriers. Unlike many of those sold by our competitors...