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How to Prepare for And Recover from A Flood

In the years ahead flooding is going to become more and more prevalent. If you wish to be proactive in regards to protecting your home, or need help and support recovering from a flood, this page can help. We have brought together in one place what we consider to be the most useful resources and contacts, giving you quick and easy access to all the help and support you require.

Environment Agency Flood Risk Warnings

The Environment Agency continually monitors river and sea levels, and their Flood Information Service provides details of all flood warnings currently in force across England and Wales.

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Check Your Flood Risk


Gauge Map image

GaugeMap is an interactive map showing live river level data from 3,000 gauges in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. The data is refreshed every 15 minutes and each gauge is linked to a corresponding Twitter account which posts twice a day to keep users updated of the flood risk in their local area.

Gauge Map

Flood Alerts

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Flood Alerts is the UK’s first live flood map. If offers people living and working in England, Wales and Scotland personalised flood alerts and detailed, mapped flood warnings. Users of the platform can see at at-a-glance areas around their home which may be at risk of flooding, as well as travel routes.

Flood Alerts

Know Your Flood Risk

With flooding only expected to get worse in the years ahead, the Know Your Flood Risk guide has been created to provide home and business owners with practical steps which can be taken to mitigate the impact of future flooding events. The guide has evolved over a number of years and the latest version includes advice based on real life case studies – so you can learn from the experiences of others.

Know Your Flood Risk Guide
Direct Line

Minimise Flood Damage to Your Home

A major insurance company has produced a document that is packed full of tips for making your home or business more flood resilient. They make the valid point that installing flood defences should be more cost-effective than repeatedly paying for damage repairs.

Direct Line Flood Resilience Guidance

Recovery Support and Grants

National Flood Forum

If you have been flooded, the National Flood Forum can help. The NFF is a national charity dedicated to supporting and representing any individual or community at risk of flooding. This includes helping people to prepare for flooding, recover their lives after a flood and campaigning on their behalf in meetings with government and agencies.

National Flood Forum
Flood Resilience Grants

The government has previously provided Flood Resilience Grants to flood victims following the 2012/13 and 2015/16 winter floods. The grants were made available to domestic, commercial and agricultural property owners, and we would expect that future flood victims will also be able to make claims.

Flood Resilience Grants Case Study
Campaigns, Reports and Reviews

At Flood Ark we like to stay up-to-date with all the latest news. Read some of our recent blogs looking at some of the national campaigns, reports and reviews to come out of the industry.

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