Flood Ark

A Quick and Easy Way of Protecting Your Property

With frames constructed using our own aluminium extrusion design and individual boards manufactured from reinforced rigid uPVC, our flood barriers are designed to offer strength and integrity, whilst blending in with your property. Each of the boards measures 200mm (8 inches) in height and can be quickly built up to the required level using our patented click and fix system. With no specialist tools or glues required and each board being incredibly lightweight to carry, our system can be quickly erected by people of all ages at the first sign of a flood.

How Our System Works

Flood Barrier System

Unlike many of the other systems currently on the market which rely on the pressure of the water to create a seal, our flood barriers incorporate compression locks into their design. As the boards are put into place, simply turn the compression locks by hand and this will create a watertight seal around your opening. These seals have excellent recovery characteristics, do not suffer from compression set and are also impervious to ultra-violet light and salt water.

Tested and Accredited By Leading Institutions

Flood Barrier Solution

Due to their bespoke design, our barriers can be used to protect any opening, including entrance doors, windows and gates of all shapes and sizes. Where your opening is wider than 2400mm (8 feet), such as bi-fold patio doors, double garages and driveways, a removable centre post is incorporated into the barrier. This not only provides additional strength, but ensures that the boards are a manageable length. We can even produce covers to protect air bricks and vents, securing every entry point into your home.

Our Ongoing Support and Guarantee

Flood Barrier Storage

To ensure you achieve optimum performance from your barriers, it is important that they are correctly stored away when not in use and for that reason we offer convenient storage solutions. Our wall mounted racks can be easily installed into your garage or outbuilding and mean that your flood boards can be easily stored away without being an obstruction. Alternatively, for larger properties and commercial premises, we can also install a choice of storage containers and sheds.

A Watertight Seal

Flood Barrier Watertight Seal

Each System incorporates an aluminium frame which is permanently fitted to the fabric of the building. Where you have at least one course of brickwork below the threshold, we can face fix your barrier around the opening.

If this is not possible, we will recess the barrier so that it sits flush with the ground and install a removable, aluminium cover treadplate.

Frame Protection

Flood Barrier Frame Protection

Ensuring that the aluminium frame around your barrier is well-maintained not only helps to avoid invalidating your guarantee, but also ensures that the barrier will work effectively when faced with a potential flooding scenario.

Every frame we install is supplied with a powder coat finish in a choice of five aesthetically pleasing colours. This coating helps to prolong the life of your system and will protect it against the elements and corrosion. In addition to that, a poly-foam insert and aluminium cover treadplate keeps your system clean and free from obstruction.

Security Lock

Flood Barrier Storage

In the event that flooding forces you to leave your home, you want to be confident that the Flood Ark barrier you installed before leaving will still be there once you return. To offer peace of mind, our systems can be fitted with optional security locks.

These locks are fitted to the top board of your system and require a key to open and close the latches. In the past we have fitted security locks to installations located where the general public pass by, for shop protection and public house protection.

Wider Widths

Flood Barrier Wider Widths

In addition to protecting entrance doors, the flexibility of our barrier systems makes them the ideal choice for protecting wider openings. If you are looking to protect a double garage, gateway, driveway or commercial entrance, we can provide a system to suit.

Where we install a barrier to protect your driveway or garage it will be set flush with the ground level, with heavy duty galvanised steel cover treadplates to allow unimpeded vehicular access.

Centre Mullion Posts

Flood Barrier Center Mullion Posts

Our flood barriers are capable of spanning almost any distance, helping you to complete the perimeter of your property between walls and fences. Where your opening is wider than 2.4 metres, we will supply you with a removable central mullion post.

This central post helps to make the boards a more manageable length and provides additional strength to your barrier. In the event of a flood risk, simply position the posts spigot into the socket and deploy your flood boards as normal.

Drainage Bung

Flood Barrier Drainage Bung

The drainage bung stops water collecting behind the boards if the flood boards are to be left in the barrier for any length of time. To release any trapped water, simply open the drainage plug at the side of the frame.

In the event of an immediate flooding risk, we advise homeowners to double check that the drainage bung is closed during the process of fitting their boards. Failure to do so will impact upon the effectiveness of your barrier.


Each system incorporates an aluminium frame which is fitted to the fabric of your building. These frames can be supplied in a choice of five standard colours, including White, Stone, Terracotta, Mahogany Brown and Black.

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