Flood Ark
BSI Presentation

Extensively Tested Flood Defence System

We have absolute confidence in the strength and reliability of our system and this belief is supported by the results of independent testing in the UK and the USA. The British Standard Institute (BSI) Kitemark is a globally recognised quality mark that gives consumers the reassurance that a product meets rigorous standards of safety and reliability. In addition to this, our product has been tested for hurricane protection by the American Testing Lab Inc. – an institution with a reputation for the highest level of performance evaluation. In both cases, our barriers passed all tests with flying colours.

Recognised with a 2014 BSI Kitemark Standard

In September 2015, our flood barriers were tested at H.R. Wallingford – the national laboratory for assessing flood protection products against BSI Kitemark standards. During this test, examiners carried out three series of tests over a 48-hour period in a tank containing 1.3 million litres of water. Having passed all three tests, our barriers were awarded the PAS 1188-1:2014 Kitemark accreditation. This is the third and most stringent edition of the standard and was developed to raise standards across the industry. It followed consultation with a range of organisations, including the Environment Agency, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and DEFRA.

Flood Barrier Kitemark Standard View BSI Kitemark Certificate PDF

Hurricane Testing by American Test Lab Inc in Brevard, North Carolina

In 2005, we took our barriers across the Atlantic for extensive hurricane-resistance testing by the American Test Lab Inc. Our barriers meet the standards required for both the Florida Building Code (Testing Application Standards 201, 202, 203) and the more stringent standards required for shutters, windows and doors being fitted in Miami-Dade county which is in a High Velocity Hurricane Zone. The barriers also meet a further set of criteria set by the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM E 1886, E 1996-97 / 02, 330-02). These tests included having logs of 2x4 timber fired at the barriers from a specially constructed cannon – our barriers withstood the impact.


Further Memberships and Accreditations

National Flood Forum
National Flood Forum

Those who have experienced flooding are all too aware of the emotional, physical and financial impact it has upon their lives. The National Flood Forum is a national charity that supports and represents individual and communities that are at risk of flooding. National Flood Forum projects include helping to prepare for and recover from floods, and working with government and the relevant agencies to ensure those communities at risk of flooding are protected.

Federation of Small Business
Federation Of Small Businesses

Formed in 1974, the Federation of Small Businesses represents around 200,000 members across all areas of the UK. It is their aim to be the largest and most effective organisation promoting and protecting the interests of small businesses. To this end, they have a lobbying arm. Led by the Westminster Press and Parliamentary Office, the FSB puts pressure on government to ensure that the issues affecting its members are heard.