Flood Ark

Providing Ongoing Support for Your Barrier

We firmly believe our flood barrier to be one of the most effective systems of its kind currently available. We are one of just a handful of companies capable of protecting apertures of almost any size. None of this would have been possible without the feedback we have received from our customers. We continue to provide support long after the initial installation is complete.

How to Deploy Our Flood Barriers

Our flood boards are designed for quick and easy deployment – they are lightweight in their design, require no tools for assembly and can be deployed in a matter of minutes. They can be erected by people of all age and abilities. Full instructions for deployment are printed on the reverse of the top board of the barrier. Watch this short film to familiarise yourself with how to deploy your flood board in the event of flooding.

User Guides

Deployment Guide

All of our barriers come complete with an easy to understand installation guide on the rear of the top board of each system. You can also find this information by reading our deployment guide.

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Product Guide

Our flood boards are designed for easy deployment to offer temporary protection against flooding. Please read our product guide for more advice on appropriate installation locations and safe usage.

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Extendable 3 Year Guarantee and Servicing
3 Years Guarantee

Following the installation of your Flood Ark barrier system, you will receive a three-year guarantee. At the end of your guarantee, by choosing to have your system serviced by our team of engineers, we will extend your guarantee by a further three years.

Our Terms and Conditions
Terms & Conditions

We aim to ensure that every installation we undertake is completed to the highest standards and that our customers receive an excellent level of service. Download our terms and conditions to find details of this service.

Help Us Improve the Product
We Want to Know

If you have difficulty erecting your barrier or an issue arising from general wear and tear, we like to know about it. We will attend your property to ensure that all issues are resolved and we will use the information gathered to improve the system and the instructions for its use.