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Buy a Flood barrier that Offers Proven Defence

Our flood barriers can be bespoke fitted to your property by our team of dedicated flood barrier engineers. In addition to our standard full installation service, we are happy to provide supply-only flood barriers to qualified builders looking for proven ways to improve the flood resilience of properties they are working on.

Supply-Only Barriers

We supply standard-sized flood barrier systems to the building trade. The two sizes are intended to fit over entrance doors and garage doors.

Entrance Door Flood Barrier

Supply-Only Entrance Door Barrier

Width: 900mm - Height: 3 Boards From £569.66 (+VAT)
Garage Door Flood Barrier

Supply-Only Garage Door Barrier

Width: 2440mm - Height: 3 Boards From £1227.24 (+VAT)

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A downloadable PDF of our installation guide is available from our support page.

Product Support

Supply and Installation Barriers

For home and business owners looking to improve their flood defences, we recommend you use our full installation service. Our engineers will give you a full quote for the price of your barriers following your FREE survey. We will supply the barriers and a team of our dedicated installers will make sure the frame is fitted properly to your property and instruct you in barrier deployment.

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Four Step Process

We Can Take Care of Everything

If you choose our full installation service, we will survey your property to identify all possible flood entry points. We will manufacture bespoke frames and barriers to measurements that are specific to your property. Our experienced installation team will fit your new flood defences to your home or business and instruct you in their use.

Our Four-Step Process
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