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BSI Flood Protection
Removable Flood Barrier

Removable flood protection barrier to stop your home or business flooding

When flooding threatens your building, our lightweight flood boards can be quickly assembled into a protective barrier that will prevent your property from flooding. No tools are required to assemble your flood barrier: simply slot each flood board into the permanent aluminium frame – affixed to your property by our flood protection experts – then hand-tighten the compression locks to form a watertight seal.

Removable Flood Barrier


Our flood protection systems are bespoke built to fit your property. We’ll give you a full quote for manufacture and installation after we have conducted a survey of the flood resilience of your home or business premises.

  • Flood Resilience Survey – FREE
  • Single Entrance – from £750.00 (incl. VAT)

At Flood Ark, we provide a free survey to assess the suitability of our flood protection barriers for your commercial or residential property.

uPVC Boards uPVC Boards

The flood boards that form the barrier are constructed from reinforced rigid uPVC

uPVC Boards Compression Locks

A simple turn of the compression locks forms a watertight seal.

uPVC Boards Aluminium Frame

The aluminium frame is permanently fitted to your property.

uPVC Boards Instructions

Instructions for assembly are printed on the reverse of the barrier.

Aluminium Frame Colours

  • White
  • Mahogany


Our versatile flood barriers can be used to protect your home or business from the ingress of floodwater through a variety of potential entrance points.

  • Flood Barrier for Doors


    Entrance doors, patio doors and garage doors all need protecting

  • Flood Barrier for Windows


    Low aspect and bay windows are found in many period properties

  • Flood Barrier for Air Bricks

    Air Bricks

    Air bricks can be an overlooked access point for floodwater

  • Flood Barrier for Gateways


    Our widest installations can cover driveway gates by utilising centre mullion posts


Our flood defence system can be installed on any type of building.

  • Flood Barriers for Homes


    Our flood barriers can protect your home during a flooding emergency

  • Flood Barriers for Businesses


    Businesses that are at risk from flooding are often unable to get adequate insurance

  • Flood Barriers for the Public Sector

    Public Sector

    We have been trusted to provide flood barriers for many large public sector buildings

  • Flood Barriers in Partnership

    In Partnership

    Contractors use Flood Ark barriers because our product has a proven record of success at flood protection

Flood Barrier Storage Solutions

Convenient Storage Solutions

To achieve optimal performance from your demountable flood barriers, store them correctly when not in use. Wall-mounted racks can be installed in a garage or outbuilding so that you can store your flood boards where they will not be an obstruction. Alternatively, for larger properties and commercial premises, we can advise on the suitability of a choice of storage containers and sheds.

Tested to Meet Global Standards

BSI Flood Protection ASTM International

Our flood barriers are patented in 8 countries around the world and have been tested by globally renowned institutions – consistently demonstrating their ability to withstand floods, tornados and hurricanes. The British Standards Institution has awarded our flood protection barriers their Kitemark – a symbol of quality and safety only bestowed on the very best products. Hurricane resistance has been tested by the American Society for Testing Materials.