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Why Choose Our Flood Barriers

With more than a decade of experience behind us and thousands of properties protected, we have established a national reputation for developing, manufacturing and installing flood barriers which are proven to protect your property. Whether you have recently experienced a flood or are looking to be proactive in protecting your property, our bespoke flood barriers have been tested to the latest industry recognised Kitemark standard and have proven their capability to withstand even the most severe of flooding scenarios.

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Providing Flood Protection to Homes and Businesses

Much of our reputation for delivering flood protection has been achieved thanks to our dedication to two things – the reliability of our product and the standard of our customer service. For that reason, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive service before, during and after your installation.

The Right Solution for Every Application


Photograph of the installation of flood barriers.


Photograph of a row of shops.

Public Sector

Photograph of two public sector workers.

In Partnership

Photograph of a house protected from flood water by flood barriers.

The bespoke nature of our barriers means that they offer the flexibility to be used in an domestic, commercial or public sector scenario. With barriers available to span any distance you require, we can easily protect apertures of all sizes – ranging from doors and window to larger garages and driveways. Each board in the barrier quickly and easily clicks into position; with no specialist equipment required and can be erected in a matter of minutes by people of all ages.

Case Studies

Photograph of a man standing next to flood barriers fitted to a shop doorway.

Over the past ten years we have successfully completed hundreds of installations for domestic, commercial and public sector properties; protecting property, possessions and livelihoods in the process. We have therefore put together several case studies, demonstrating examples of our work.


Photograph of a hand written customer feedback form.

At Flood Ark we take pride in offering our customers both a high quality product and excellent standard of service. We are therefore delighted to have received a number of positive testimonials from customers who were satisfied with our products and the workmanship of our installers.

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