Flood Protection Products

About Our Flood Barriers

Our flood protection products are the brainchild of Managing Director and experienced engineer, Steven Abbott. Suitable for domestic, commercial and public sector applications alike, each system is built bespoke to accommodate the unique features of your property. As a result you receive an intelligent, flexible and effective line of defence when faced with the threat of flooding.

We offer a range of products for doors, patios, garages, gateways and drives, windows and air bricks. All are manufactured and installed by our highly experienced team and are Kitemarked - as recognised by the Environment Agency. In addition to that, our products have withstood several major flooding episodes in recent years.

Demountable Flood Barriers

Manufactured from reinforced UPVC, each individual board in the barrier is 20cm in height and slots into place using our own patented click and fix system. Unlike other products on the market, our system does not rely on water pressure to create a seal. Instead, two quarter turns of the compression locks and a watertight seal is created between the boards and aluminium frame.

Due to the incremental design of our system, boards can be added or removed one at a time as the threat of flood water rises or recedes. Their size and lightweight nature ensures that they can be implemented quickly by a single person without the need for tools, clips or glues.

Protection For Doors

Flood Protection Products

Our single span system offers flood protection for doors up to 2500mm (8ft 2in) in width. Where you have an opening large than this, we can supply removable central posts. These allow for the opening to be divided into multiple manageable lengths.

Protection For Windows

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Ideal for the low level sash or bay windows, typically found in many period properties, we can protect your windows using our flood barriers. As our system is bespoke, we can engineer a solution to protect even the most complex of openings.

Protection For Gates

Flood Protection Products

By restricting flood water from entering your garden, you stand a better chance of reducing the risk of it entering your home. For that reason we install flood barriers which, as with our barriers for doors, can be supplied in both single and multiple spans depending on the size of your gate.

Protection For Air Bricks

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We can replace traditional clay or plastic airbricks with an automatic self-closing SMART AirBrick® - a Kitemarked brand. We also manufacture custom made frames with removable covers to protect more complex vents. The cover, to be put in place manually when a flood threatens, is sealed with two compression locks.

Protection For Garages

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Depending on the makeup of your garage we can either fit your garage door flood barrier internally or externally. With a wide choice of colour finishes to choose from, your barrier will blend seamlessly with the rest of your property.

BSI Kitemark

A Kitemarked Product

The BSI Kitemark symbol is a highly recognised quality mark that confirms a product or service has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it meets the highest industry standards. It is a voluntary mark that manufacturers use to demonstrate the safety, reliability and quality of their product. At Flood Ark we have held the BSI Kitemark licence for our flood protection systems since 2004. You can therefore be confident of its ability to stand up to even the most severe of flooding scenarios.

Kitemark Product Information